Installing apps across multiple Business Catalyst partner portals

There are many reasons a single person or company may operate more than one Business Catalyst Partner portal.

It is recommended that you create a separate BC App Store Account associated with your different BC Partner Portals.

Installing Apps Across Multiple Partner Portals

  1. When you click Install App you will be prompted to login with your Adobe ID.
  2. Sign in with the Adobe ID associated with the Partner Portal the website is on

If you are not prompted with an Adobe ID login screen

This means that you are signed into a business catalyst site within the same browser.

You have 3 options for changing Adobe IDs (partner accounts):

  1. Sign out of Business Catalyst in another one of your open browser tabs or windows. If you cannot locate this, sign into your main partner website, access the partner portal and then logout. Go back to the BC App Store and hit the Install App button, this should prompt the Adobe ID login Screen.
  2. Visit the app store from another browser
  3. Clear you cookies in your browser and start the app purchasing process over

How do Licenses Work Across Multiple Partner Portals?

Any apps sold based on a Partner License are only licensed for websites within the same Partner Portal.

If you would like to install the app across multiple Partner Portals, you will need to be sure that you:

  • Be sure that you are the owner of each Partner Portal that you wish to install the app on
  • Sign out of the Business Catalyst Partner Portal that the app was originally installed in
  • Sign into the second Business Catalyst Partner Portal that you would like to install the app on (follow steps 1-3 above to change Adobe IDs)
  • Re-purchase the app for the new Partner Portal that you would like the app to be installed on.
  • Note: If the app is not sold as per partner you do not need a separate BC App Store account to purchase / install the app on different portals.

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