Requesting a Review

When you’re ready for our staff to review one of your app versions you can follow this easy process.

Step 1. Navigate to the version you’d like to request a review for.

  • To navigate to a specific version of your app login to the developer dashboard at
  • Click on the app you want to request a review for.
  • You should see a list of versions of the selected app. Click the version you want to get reviewed. Only versions in “Development” status may be reviewed.

Step 2. Click the “Request Review” button.


Step 3. Complete and submit the form.

Form Fields

Full Name

Enter the name of the person who should receive feedback from our staff regarding this app review.

Best Email to Contact Regarding this Review

Enter the email address of the person who should receive feedback from our staff regarding this app review.


Enter any notes you’d like the reviewer to see regarding this app review.

What Happens When You Submit a Review Request

Also see: Version Statuses

  1. When you submit the Review Request form, your app will be placed in the “In Review” version status and becomes locked/uneditable.
  2. A member of the BC App Store will review your app to ensure it works properly and meets our guidelines [Link]. This may take up to 2 business days.
  3. Your app will either pass review or fail review.
    • If your app passes review:
      • We will notify you by email.
      • It will be put into Approved status and will remain editable.
      • When you’re ready we can publish your app to the app store and it will be changed to Released status which is also uneditable.
    • If your app fails review:
      • We will return your app version to “Development” status and it will become editable again.
      • We will notify you by email with the reasons and what to fix. Contact us if you have any questions. [Link to helpdesk form]

You can view the review status, and review comments from the Reviews page at

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