Transfer App License from One Site to Another

App licenses are meant only for the website in which they were purchased.

You can only move the license for paid apps under one of the following conditions:

  • You are updating the subdomain of the business catalyst account (
  • BC App Store installed the app on the wrong website
  • App is not compatible with the current hosting plan of the website
  • Website is being migrated to a new BC account due to a new website being developed for the same client website

If you meet one of those conditions, you must  submit a ticket with the following information:

1) The app(s) you purchased
2) Date of purchase
3) Email Address or Name used for the purchase

4) Original Website

  • Site ID (Site Settings > API Integration)
  • Secure Domain (

5) New Website

  • Site ID (Site Settings > API Integration)
  • Secure Domain (

TO EXPEDITE THE APP TRANSFER PROCESS, ADD as an admin user on the new website

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