Meeting the Guidelines

Ensure that you meet all of these guidelines prior to requesting an app review.

Be a BC Partner with at Least One Paid BC Site

Before you’re able to register an app with BC you must be a BC partner with at least one paid BC site.

Register Your App With BC

Before adding your app in the BC App Store Developer Dashboard you should register it with BC.

You can register it at

Learn more at!/getting-started/register-your-app

Use BC Admin UI Styles

Your app will be installed on other BC partners’ client sites. It is important that your app UI is designed to look at home in the BC admin area. It should feel like a natural extension of BC.

Remove All console.log Messages from Your Final Production Code

console.log messages can cause your app to not work in some browsers. They should be removed from your code prior to requesting an app review.

Eliminate All Unnecessary Console Error Messages

Please use your browser’s developer tools to check for console errors prior to requesting the review. Elimination of all 404s and other unnecessary console errors will be required before an app can be distributed through the app store.

All Stated Features Must Work Properly

Ensure your app does everything you state it does, without bugs to the best of your knowledge prior to requesting an app review.

Front End Files Location

If your app contains images or other assets that need to be accessible from the front end of the website, those assets can’t be placed within the /_System/Apps/App-Key/ folder.

As a best practice front end files should be in a folder with a name matching your app key and located in the root of the site.

More info here:!/getting-started/build-your-first-app

Must Be Your Code

Your app may not contain other developer’s code unless it is open source or has a license making it legal for you to us it.

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