Editing App Details

Step 1. Navigate to the app you’d like to edit.

  • To navigate to your app login in the developer dashboard at bcappstore.com/developer
  • Click on the app you would like to edit.

Step 2. Click the Edit App Details button


Form Fields

App Name

Choose a name for your app. This will be used for marketing your app to BC App Store customers.

App Key (uneditable)

This is the App Key you registered with BC for this app. It must match what you’ve registered with BC exactly or your app will not be able to be installed by our system.

Learn more: http://docs.businesscatalyst.com/developers#!/getting-started/register-your-app

Short Description

This is a short description or headline for your app. The short description is limited to 65 characters.

Price per site (USD)

This is the price you’d like us to charge BC partners for a license to use your app on a single site.

Video Embed Code

You can host your video with a video host that supports HTML5 iframe embeds. We recommend YouTube or Vimeo.

Background Color

You can set the background color of the app’s branding header shown in the screenshot below outlined in red.


Applet Image (148x148)

The applet image should be 148x148px. You can see an example of its usage below as it is displayed on the customer’s My Apps page.


List View Image (616x290)

The list view image should be 616x290px and is used on any page that has a list of apps. This includes the home page and the main apps page on bcappstore.com.



The description field allows you to use markdown (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown) to provide your app’s features, benefits, and other marketing information.

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