Deploy to a BC Site

You can easily test any version of your app without needing to create a site in your partner portal.

Step 1. Navigate to the version you’d like to test.

  • To navigate to a specific version of your app login in the developer dashboard at
  • Click on the app you want to create a test for.
  • You should see a list of versions of the selected app. Click the version you want to test.

Step 2. Click the “Create a Test Site” button.

  • Our system will create a site, create an admin user, and install the app for you. This may take a few minutes.


Step 3. Use the URL and user credentials provided to log into the site. Your app version will be installed and ready to test.


  • Tests are deployed to the BC App Store’s partner portal.
  • Each test site will have an admin user created with a random email and password. Use this user to login and test your app.
  • Test Sites automatically expire after 30 days.

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