Offering Discount Codes to BC App Store Customers

Why Create a Discount Code for BC App Store Customers

  1. There is no better way to get your message in front of Business Catalyst Partners, your discount code will be shown:
    1. On the app purchase thank you page
    2. Via email upon every app purchase
    3. On our 3rd Party Discount Codes page
    4. A one-off email marketing campaign will be sent out promoting the discount code offer
  2. If you are also an App Developer with apps in the BC App Store, discount codes help reduce the actual (and perceived) cost of apps, thus increasing sales of apps

Who Can Offer Discount Codes?

The BC App Store is committed to being a resource for the entire Business Catalyst community and therefore any 3rd party who is offering a product or service that benefits the BC community can offer a discount code.

If you are interested, please contact us

What You Need To Provide:

  1. Request URL for the discount code endpoint (details below)
  2. Call to Action Text (text for the call to action when the discount offer is shown)
  3. Offer URL (where should we take the user if they are interested in your offering)
  4. Maximum Discount (set an upper threshold for your discount codes, all purchases up to this amount will equal the purchase price of the app(s))


  1. Each 3rd party can only offer one discount code at a time
  2. Endpoints must be hosted on HTTPS
  3. All discount code values are based on the US Dollar
  4. Discount codes generated will not be stored by the BC App Store
  5. Discount codes will only be generated for new purchases of paid apps
    1. For recurring apps, discount codes will only be generated on the initial purchase
  6. Discount codes are not generated for FREE apps
  7. Discount codes will be shown on the order confirmation page
  8. Discount codes will be emailed to the customer after purchase
  9. Requests will be sent via JSON and responses need to be returned via JSON
  10. There is no way to revoke the discount codes. Keep in mind that there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so it is possible that a customer may purchase an app, refund the app and still use the discount code.

Post Request by BC App Store to 3rd Party Endpoint

discountType Has default value -> "fixed" but it can be set to -> "percentage"
discountPercentageOrFixedAmount Amount of the discount represented in dollars or % based on the discountType
enabled Default value -> true
releaseDate default value ->current date but itcan be modified (optional field)
expiryDate Default value ->releaseDate + 6 months but it can be modified (optional field)
expireAfterXUses default value -> 1 (-1 if unlimited uses)
orderId Used in case the user misplaces the coupon and contacts 3rd party provider to verify that purchase was made

Sample Request

3rd Party Endpoint: {

“discountType”: “fixed”,

“dicountPercentageorFixedAmount”: “20”, // represents a discount code of $20

“enabled”: true,

“releaseDate”: “2017-01-13” // YYYY-MM-DD

“expiryDate”: “2017-07-13” // YYYY-MM-DD

“expireAfterXUses”: “1”,

“orderId”: “76651”


3rd Party Endpoint Should Return

code The code the user will enter into your service to get the discount
description optional
enabled Default value -> true
releaseDate Required. Passed back in case the request did not send a date
expiryDate Required. Passed back in case the request did not send a date

Sample Return


“code”: “EDKJ123”, // Unique code for 3rd party site

“description”: “Good for any regular priced template”, // optional description that will be displayed

“enabled”: true,

“releaseDate”: “2017-01-13” // YYYY-MM-DD

“expiryDate”: “2017-07-13” // YYYY-MM-DD


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