How to Detect Partner Users in My App

What are Partner Users?

Partner users are admin users who are added as a partner user to an Adobe Business Partner Portal. Partner users are required to connect their logins to Adobe IDs.

Can Business Owners by a Partner User?

Typically, business owners are not partner users and only the agencies/developers who setup the sites for the business owners.

However, it is possible for a business owner to host direct with Business Catalyst, only if they create a Free Partner account. They will have a free Partner account with a single site in it, their own.  In this case their login will show up as a Partner login, but it does depend on how they sets up his alternate e-mail addresses in the site admin. Their employees will show up as business owner/admin only, while the main account would show up as Partner Account.

Is There Code to Detect Admin User Types?

The following is example javascript that shows how to use the API to get the userTypeId. If the UserTypeId equals 5, we know that the users login is associated with an Adobe Id and therefore is a partner user.

if ($('.partnerUser').html().length > 0)
    var request = $.ajax({
            url: "/webresources/api/v3/sites/current/users/me",
            type: "GET",
            connection: "keep-alive",    
            contentType: "application/json",
            headers: _authorization
        request.done(function (currentUser) {
            if (currentUser.userTypeId == 5)

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