Releasing BETA Apps

Releasing BETA Versions of Apps

The BC App Store allows for 2 options for releasing a BETA version of your app:

2 Types of Beta Apps

1) Public Beta

You can release the app to the app store to be listed on the site just like any other app and place (BETA) in the name of the app. Nothing changes for you or the buyer of the app other than it may more properly align the expectations of the customer when they purchase the app.

2) Private Beta

You can setup a public URL for the app but have it not listed in the BC App Store. This is great for releasing the app to a select group of people before launching a public beta or launching the official release of the app

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The same 30-day money back guarantee policy still applies to the buyers of beta apps.


The same developer commission payout structure and payout schedule is applied to BETA apps the same as it applies to regular apps

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